About Me

 Violinist, teacher and Luthier

I have been playing violin for over 40 years now and have been teaching on and off since graduating from high school. A real sense of the calling to be a teacher and public violinist did not come until New Years Eve 2013 at the strike of midnight. How unusual that I would be the one who would be prophecied over at that moment in time with a room full to the rafters with people. Whatever God has planned for me, it is an honor and I am humbled by this calling he has placed on me. I won't go in to detail about what was said but in the near future many doors were opened to me and I began a journey into teaching,
learning, playing on stage with some of the best musicians in the area, and eventually repairing and fixing violins. I am now teaching in my own home studio and still play occasionally with other musicians in the area. I am expanding my teaching into a broader area by using skype for certain students and I hope to expand into playing solo gigs for weddings and parties and also someday to start an orchestra.